Design Service

If you are interested in making the kitchen with us but do not get clarification on this website or not really know how to make the best deal for your kitchen … Do not worry ... we can help. Just follow these steps so that we can perform a detailed budget of your kitchen.



This step is the most important of all. At this point you should pay special attention to detail since the measures provide us are the ones that we will have.

To measure a kitchen the first thing is to draw as clear as possible on a floor plan (view from the top), and then completing each wall corresponding to its width measured. In the case of pillars, doors and windows also detail the measure.

Once measured the walls then locate power and water outlets, very important because they determine much of the kitchen design. Other important shots can not be missed are powerpoints of range hood or extractor, and of the oven, which are very different from the rest, and the exact position of the taps (faucets with the beginning and and the end are to be measured).

How to measure these outlets is for reference of a wall (from left to right) by measuring the distance from the said wall to the outlets that is detailized.

To take the measurement it is very import the plan clarity for perfect understanding. A plan lacking or with unclear data will often mislead the design, so it is advisable to pay attention to this point and do it correctly and clearly.

Our advice is that if there is doubt you’d better measure it and detail it, since we will pass away something unclear..

Remember to measure the height of the kitchen we need to judge the height from the ceiling to the floor and see how high standard furniture is better suited.



Once taken measures we will have to set up a floorplan with the budget you plan and what you would like to take for your kitchen.

At this point you can specify us, such as the column cabinet oven with microwave, or just pure cabinet; if you want drawing or swing open; if on top of the refrigerator install a piece of furniture; or what cooking style is like: modern, classic, rustic, etc ...

Standard measures at our disposal are in the Cabinetry section Kitchen Cabinets page. We recommend that, as far as possible, conform to these measures. Considering this will not entail any additional cost to adapt your the furniture and also feature furniture that will not be subsequently difficult to find accessories.

In this step, it would be desirable to provide us what colors are those that you like to design your kitchen, send us the picture as much as possible to suit your tastes.

If you have no idea, you can visit our web-site for kitchens. There are many photos of kitchens and projects.

If you want us to do budget with some specific brands, for example, hardware Blum, granite Sileston, Formica door, etc. It should be also noted here so that we incorporate it into the budget of the kitchen.



The kitchen appliances greatly influence the design, so in step three we will focus on what kind of hardware and appliance you want to install in each case.



At this step we can only send all the information to our E-mail

- The floorplan with measurements of the kitchen.

- The elevation plan with the division of the kitchen.

- A list of accessories with measures that suit the kitchen.

- Your name, address, phone, way of shipment you prefer, and the port.

We will answer your email to discuss with you the kitchen and clarify some details.

The usual deadline for configuring out the budgets may be 1-2 days from the day you send us an E-mail. If you have urgency to get the budget please call at the phone number on the website to tell us.