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Working Current
Light Source
2PCS 3014LED(3) 2PCS 3014 SMD LED(6) 3PCS 3014LED(1) 3PCS 3528SMD LED(3) 3PCS 5050LED(2) 4PCS 3528LED(3) 4PCS 3020LED(4) 4PCS 5050 SMD LED(2) 5PCS 3014LED(1) 5PCS 3020LED(7) 5PCS 3020 SMD LED(2) 5PCS 3528LED(2) 6PCS 3020LED(4) 6PCS 3528LED(1) 6PCS 5050 SMD LED(1) 7PCS 3020LED(5) 7PCS 5050 SMD LED(1) 8PCS 3020LED(3) 8PCS 3528LED(2) 8PCS 5050SMD LDE(1) 9PCS 3014LED(5) 9PCS 3020LED(1) 9PCS 3528LED(1) 9PCS 5050LED(2) 9PCS 5050 SMD LED(1) 10PCS 3020LED(1) 10PCS 3528LED(1) 12PCS 3014LED(1) 12PCS 3020LED(1) 12PCS 3528LED(2) 12PCS 5050 SMD LED(1) 15PCS 3020LED(1) 16PCS 3528LED(1) 18PCS 3014LED(4) 18PCS 3020LED(1) 18PCS 3528LED(3) 18PCS 5050LED(1) 18PCS 3020 SMD LED(1) 18PCS 5050 SMD LED(1) 19PCS 0603LED(1) 21PCS 3528LED(2) 24PCS 3020LED(5) 24PCS 3528LED(3) 24PCS 3528 SMD LED(1) 25PCS 3528LED(2) 27PCS 3020LED(1) 27PCS 3020 SMD LED(1) 27PCS 3528LED(2) 27PCS 5050LED(1) 30PCS 3020LED(1) 30PCS 3528LED(2) 33PCS 3020LED(1) 36PCS 3528LED(2) 42PCS 3020LED(1) 42PCS 3528LDE(1) 45PCS 3528LED(1) 48PCS 3020LED(1) 48PCS 3528LED(4) 54PCS 5050LED(1) 60PCS 3020LED(1) 60PCS 3528LED(5) 72PCS 3020LED(1) 72PCS 3528LED(1) 75PCS 3528SMD LED(1) 84PCS 3020LED(1) 96PCS 3528LED(1) 99PCS 5050 SMD LED(1) 1PCS Φ 5mm round with flang LED(1) 2PCS Φ 5mm round with flang LED(1) 3PCS Φ 5mm round with flang LED(1) 4PCS Φ 3mm round with flang LED(1) 4PCS Φ 5mm round with flang LED(1) 5PCS Φ 5mm round with flang LED(1) 8PCS Φ 5mm round with flang LED(1) 11PCS Φ 5mm round with flang LED(1) 18PCS Φ 5mm round with flang LED(2) 21PCS Φ 5mm round with flang LED(2) 18PCS Φ 3mm LED (2) 1W high power LED(6) 1PCS,1W high power LED(7) 3PCS,1W high power LED(4) LED T5 Light(2) 1PCS COB LED(1) 1PCS double core flux led(1) 2PCS double core flux led(1) 5050(1)
Luminous Flux
100-120Lm(1) 140-170Lm(1) 160-195Lm(1) 180-210Lm(1) 230-270Lm(1) 270-310Lm(1) 330-390Lm(1) 400-470Lm(1) 450-500Lm(1)
Emitted Color
warm white (1) neutral white(1) cold white(1)
Housing Material
PC (1) Aluminium(1)
Housing Color
Oxdized Silver(1)
Color Temperature
Beam Angel
Lithium Battery